Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is primarily responsible for the circulation of immune response throughout the body. It flows through delicate vessels that can easily become compromised through trauma, the over development of muscles, sickness and disease, and other complicating factors.
A congested lymphatic system may be responsible for: chronic sinus conditions, chronic illness, cancer, allergies, and many other conditions. It is imperative that the immune response circulate freely through the lymph vessels.
Through thermal imaging we are able to identify these areas of blockages and monitor them.

BLOCKAGES OCCUR: Trauma, Over development of muscles, bad posture, spinal imbalances, and poor nutrition, toxicity

Stagnant Lymph-----> Leads to Toxicity -----> Cancer & Disease

DETECTION: Thermal Imaging is the best way to evaluate the Lymphatic System and see the effects of treatment.
We offer an evaluation of the lymphatic system in our New Patient Comprehensive Evaluation. It is $125 and includes a spinal, posture, and lymphatic exam through thermal imaging and posture imaging analysis.

TREATMENT: We offer a 12 session Lymphatic Drainage Program. We take before and after thermal images to see the effects of your treatment. We are able to see if the blockages are lessening, and where further work needs to be done. Treatment may be covered by your health insurance.