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Dr. Piana Graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1991 with Research Honors. Since graduating he has received a certification in Soft Tissue Injuries and Auto Accident Case Management. He is a Fellow in Chiropractic Biophysics, as well as a Fellow in Clinical Thermology. Dr. Piana has been in practice since 1991 providing quality care for his patients. He uses a combination of gentle and more traditional techniques that will be customized for you. Proper function of the nervous system is dependent on the structure of the body being in optimal alignment and balance. Even being off by a small amount can alter the function of the nervous system. We can eat all the right foods and take all the right supplements, but without a properly functioning nervous system they are useless. Chiropractic adjustments align the spine to the best it can be for each individual.

The future is here with medical thermography. We offer beginner and advanced training in our methods.

Spinal Alignment

It is impossible for your body to be 100% healthy without proper spinal alignment. Pressure on nerves from the surrounding soft tissue alters the rate at which nerves fire. In some cases nerves are facilitated, while in others they are inhibited. Dr. Piana uses structural and functional exams to assess spinal balance. Special adjusting techniques are used to properly align vertebrae that are out of alignment. When balance is re-established healing can take place once a healthy lifestyle has been implemented.

Dr. Piana works with Posture and the Immune System. He has performed clinical research to show the direct correlation between posture, the spine, and lymphatic congestion. Thermal imaging shows lymphatic stagnation and when it has been improved. Lymphatic congestion leads to local toxicity and creates a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, cancer. The lymphatic system is primarily responsible for the circulation of immune response throughout the body. Therefore it is critical that the immune response circulate freely through the lymph vessels which is done through adjustments essentially leading to proper spinal alignment. The connection between the spine, nervous system, and respiratory system can be affected in several ways. Vertebral subluxations in the neck or back can result in associated spasm of the musculature in that area. When the muscles there become tight, the normal flow of the lymphatic system which helps our immune system to function normally can be interrupted. Because of this stasis in the lymph system, the immune system can become overloaded. Chiropractic adjustments in many cases will produce immediate relaxation of the muscles and allow normal lymph drainage to re-occur.

Chiropractic and Thermography

Thermography is the measurement of temperature variations at the body surface. Dr. Piana teaches Doctors and Chiropractors around the world on the benefits of using thermography to identify areas of nerve problems and inflammation. Dr. Piana uses thermography for his chiropractic patients to identify exactly where inflammation or heat patterns are detected in order for him to make the proper adjustments according to each individual patient. Thermography helps chiropractors all over identify exactly where the cause of pain or irritation to the patient is coming from. More information can be found on this at The Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology.

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