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Dr. Anthony Piana

Dr. Piana

Dr. Piana Graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1991 with Research Honors. Since graduating he has received a certification in Soft Tissue Injuries and Auto Accident Case Management. He is a Fellow in Chiropractic Biophysics, as well as a Fellow in Clinical Thermology. He trains doctors around the world in thermal imaging. He is the President of the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology (PACT), a non-profit organization.


We offer traditional hands on chiropractic care in a relaxing environment. Drs. Amy and Anthony Piana have been practicing since 1991.

Dr. Piana states:
"The core premise of function is to have a sound structure, without it all the healthy foods in the world can not help us."

When the spine is aligned and balanced with the posture, the nervous system can work at its best potential. Physical stress on the spine is as important overall stress management as mental stress. The adrenal glands are subject to burn as a result of overload to either.

A new patient exam consists of a spinal thermal image and examination to pin point areas of concern and allow us to create a treatment plan that is right for you.

Health Battle

Dr. Piana was an athlete most of his life. When he turned forty in 2007 he was diagnosed with Diabetes and Hypertension. After six months of medication and weighing 320 lbs, he decided to trade the meds in for a lifestyle in wellness.

Dr. Piana says, "After injecting myself daily with insulin and popping pills for blood pressure, I felt horrible. I had pounding headaches every day. I could not even walk up a flight of stairs. It was July third 2007 when I flushed all the meds down the toilet and vowed to live a life of wellness. The initial struggle was enormous, giving up sugar and refined carbs was similar to a heroine withdrawal. I now live my life fully each day and feel fantastic. After accomplishing this and see the health I have achieved I knew my mission was to help as many people as possible in this way."

His journey has led him to teach you how you can do the same with a high level of commitment. His program is gentle and eases you into a healthy lifestyle.

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